Our project
This project aims to analyze how the political parties that co-created Polish governments in the year 1989-2001 implemented the declared program promises and realized the real interests of their leaders and activists.

They sought to overcome the Cold War divisions of Europe as rapidly as possible by adopting the institutions of parliamentary democracy and a market economy and by joining the economic and political organizations of Western Europe. Polish political elites and society were united in the firm belief that Poland must „return to Europe.” Such political and mental consensus was underpinned by the idea that Poland had always belonged spiritually and culturally to the West (Millard, 2010). The specified period is characteristic both in terms of domestic policy-making as well as international relations. Therefore, the project will be analyzing the decision-making and interplay of interests related to international and national policy goals. These efforts’ culmination was the accession to NATO and significant progress bringing Poland closer to membership in the European Union. Therefore, one of the purposes of this research project is to analyze the process of membership negotiations (to NATO and EU), its dynamic, and individual governments’ policies on these issues. It is assumed that all major political parties fairly widely shared membership goals in Western international organizations. Still, there is a need for more detailed research on the visions of individual political parties forming the coalition governments and whether all coalition members shared them.